Aerospace customer gains competitive edge

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Established aerospace manufacturer gains a competitive edge by purchasing an Almac CU 1007R from Tornos.

This super accurate VMC equipped with bar loader and a comprehensive system for simultaneous 4 axis machining with pick up and back working capabilities has improved productivity for the producer of high-precision aerospace connectors.

Bar loading is ideal for various applications, but not a standard function on most VMCs. With the CU 1007R the barfeeder integration allows for the combination of precision and large volume production, whilst keeping the level of investment under control.  

Thanks to the mechanical concept behind the CU 1007R the machine boasts high precision capabilities in its standard format, which are only improved further with the addition of linear scales on the axis.

As far as autonomy in production goes the machine previously had to be equipped with loading peripherals designed to handle billet loading and often were an expensive addition.

Depending on the size and complexity of the component to be machined its feasible to achieve a 20 - 30 hour autonomous production run from a 3m bar. For more automated production the question may arise as to whether the use of an automatic bar loader would be beneficial. If the answer is yes this can be added as an option, but where autonomy of 24hrs per bar is perfectly acceptable the additional investment required may identify a manual type bar loader offers sufficient autonomy at a very attractive price.

With one bar change per day, automatic tool changer and dedicated component collection area the need for operator intervention is kept to a minimum.

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