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Tornos have always strived to make a difference, whether that's through new machine design or the development of new processes to overcome production difficulties and today we're no different.

Demanding markets dictate a need to look for alternative, but competitive means of production. With the development of the MultiSwiss range of machines we have found a market demand that was beyond our initial expectations.

Providing a link between multispindle and single spindle turning machines the MultiSwiss is 5 times more productive yet as simple to program and operate as a single spindle sliding headstock machine. It offers increased production benefits in terms of quality and uniformity, whilst bringing a new perspective to the production of intricate parts.

The MultiSwiss is available in 3 sizes: 16mm and 32mm (6-spindle version) and 26mm (8-spindle version). True turning centres these machines can be equipped with a multitude of tools, ensuring they are capable of handle the demands placed upon them buy an ever evolving market place.

Whether you are a sub-contractor making a range of parts on several sliding headstock machines or more specialised in aerospace or automotive the MultiSwiss provides an alternative approach to a demanding situation.

For more information please visit or call us to discuss what the MultiSwiss could do for your company.