Tornos MultiSwiss Range

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The MultiSwiss range from Tornos was expanded last year to include the MultiSwiss8x26 and the MultiSwiss6x32. These two new variants were based on the philiosophy and technology platform which proved a resounding success with the MulitSwiss6x14 and MultiSwiss6x16.

These machines mark a departure from conventional multi-spindle machining and provide the link between multi-spindle and single spindle turning machines. The in-built technology means they can deliver cycle times equal to those of more conventional cam operated multi-spindle machines, yet offer the flexibility and ease of use associated to Swiss Type sliding head machines.

With hydrostatic spindles the level of accuracy, surface finishes and increased tool life achievable is now well known by our existing users. With over 240 machines installed worldwide and an order book for these machine that is growing every day, the MultiSwiss range is certainly a unique product providing solutions to production problems in many different markets.

Its independently programmable spindles, full C axis, Y axis and live tooling capability means the MutliSwiss range can manufacture components with varying degrees of complexity and for that reason we are seeing OEMs and sub contractors equally drawn to the MultiSwiss concept.


Multi-spindle machines have historically been seen as the technology to turn to for higher production volumes, but because of the ease of set up of the MultiSwiss range smaller batch sizes are commonly run on these machines. More and more the machines are used to fulfil demands for quick turnarounds, setting up one machine and running off 20,000 components over a weekend ready for delivery to the customer on Monday is already becoming a key benefit of these machines.

To do this on standard sliding headstock machines would require 4-5 machines to be set up, impacting on your other production commitments and staff workload.

To find out more about the MutliSwiss range of machine and the benefits of transition from single spindle sliding headstock machines, please contact Tornos UK on 01530 513100